My name is Rebecca.

I photograph poorly in a crop-top – especially when doing yoga.

My smoothie photos are artless, poorly composed and taken on the most worryingly unhygienic of benches.


When I started following the wellness community around 2012, it took me a while to become a critical reader who was able to strip away buzz-words, Orwellian dog-whistles and slick photography that masks an industry that arose from the irrevocably eroded standards of scientific journalism and poor general scientific understanding in the community. (And as a reasonably proficient English teacher who deals in the bread and butter of critical literacy, if I couldn’t see through it, plenty of perfectly intelligent and reasonable people couldn’t either.)

What is most critically responsible is a societal cowardly fear of negativity or offending anyone – much less pretty, positive rich girls who use words like ‘abundance’, ‘kindness’ and ‘authenticity’ like they are being paid to.

I looked at this community and its emphasis on aesthetics and its de-emphasis on evidence, and I asked what kind of narcissist can maintain a blog about health and wellness without any sort of qualification?

The answer hit me: I can be that sort of narcissist.

My science education ended at Year 10 – thus, I am perfectly (and equally) qualified to join the stable of Australian wellness bloggers. With qualifications that rival all on offer from any provider of alternative medicine in terms of scientific rigour, academic selectiveness and fitness to offer health advice*, I can be that sparkling ray of sunshine that hits your glass of lemon and apple cider vinegar in the morning to form a beautiful rainbow of abundance on your rustic dining table.

Or the baked-on crust of egg on your hotplate. Wevs.

*I hold undergraduate degrees in Drama and Secondary Education, and an MA in English.


6 thoughts on “About 

  1. I found your blog through a link to the coverage of the harassment that the Hughes have been experiencing. Imagine my delighted surprise to see that you’d liked to a blog post I wrote about NVICP! Love your work, love the snark, keep it up.


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